Brian Mason endorses Cori Longo for Ward Métis

Today, former Alberta NDP Leader and Edmonton City Councillor Brian Mason formally endorsed Cori Longo for Ward Métis.

Mason said:

"I am pleased to endorse Cori Longo for Ward Métis. 

"Throughout my 30 year career representing Edmonton’s core neighbourhoods as a councillor, an MLA, Minister of Transportation and Leader of the Alberta NDP, I always asked myself how each decision would help the hard-working families I represented.

"As Edmonton faces COVID-19, and the question of how to recover from it, the city needs councillors who will ask themselves that same question.

"Edmonton needs a city council that isn’t in it for the wealthy and well-connected, but one made up of people who live in and love the wonderful neighbourhoods that make up our city. And Edmonton needs councillors who will stand up against provincial cuts that hurt families.

"I am confident Cori Longo will be that kind of councillor for Ward Métis. She is building strong relationships in the ward and throughout the city, and she is ready to stand up for strong, progressive values at City Hall. Cori understands the challenges families in the ward are facing, because she's facing them, too.

"I urge residents of Ward Métis to unite behind Cori as the progressive candidate who can win."

Volunteer to help Cori in Ward Métis now or chip in a donation.