Deron Bilous endorses Cori Longo in Ward Métis

Today, Alberta NDP MLA for Edmonton Gold Bar, Marlin Schmdit, endorsed Cori Longo for Ward Métis. Marlin represents the north-east part of Ward Métis.

"I am thrilled to endorse my friend, Cori Longo, for city council in Ward Métis.

“Neighbourhoods like Beverly and Abbottsfield need a councillor who will show up for our communities. Someone who understands what families are facing.

“That includes action to create good, mortgage-paying jobs, and to invest in strong public services and more affordable housing. I am particularly excited to see Cori’s commitment to better enforcement on vacant and derelict properties and to address homelessness in our communities by addressing root causes, not symptoms.

“Cori cares, she works with people, she works hard and she will fight every day for a more progressive, city. That’s the kind of leadership we need in Edmonton and I know that’s what Cori will deliver, as the clear, progressive choice in Ward Métis."