Edmonton’s houselessness is a top concern for Cori and for Ward Métis residents.

Too many Edmontonians have unsafe and unhealthy living situations.

And too many residents of our ward struggle with knowing how to respond to people in our neighbourhoods facing houselessness.

As a former registered nurse, Cori knows that housing is one of the most important factors in improving people’s quality of life.

Let’s get Edmontonians living in safe and affordable homes.

Cori’s Housing Values

Permanent housing is key to lift folks out of poverty and improve quality of life for Edmontonians. 

It also reduces costs to the city and reduces conflict and safety concerns for residents in neighbourhoods.

Strengthening community and mental health resources are necessary to end houselessness.

Housing is a human right, and it just makes sense as a policy. We need to make sure that all Edmontonians have an adequate and affordable place to call home.

Addressing Edmonton’s housing crisis

If elected, Cori will:

  • hold provincial and federal governments accountable and pressure them to urgently take action to end houselessness
  • focus on root causes and the social determinants of health, by actions like expanding the highly-effective outreach program at the Edmonton Public Library
  • fight to include more affordable housing in all new developments
  • advocate for expanded resources for the tenant support services at the City of Edmonton, to help ensure housing is safe and tenants are able to access help when they need it
  • expand programs that encourage legal secondary suites in mature neighbourhoods to reduce sprawl, increase density and create more supply 

Cracking down on derelict and vacant properties

Cori will work with council to strengthen bylaws and fines on residential properties that are left vacant or derelict, in order to:

  • motivate owners to repair and rent out existing homes
  • raise additional revenue 
  • improve community safety by dealing with vacant properties

Cori will also push for new taxes on commercial properties that are left vacant, encouraging owners to either develop the property or to sell it.