Indigenous Equity

Advocating for Indigenous equity has been a big part of Cori’s life. She was born into a family with Indigenous kids, and witnessed the contributions Indigenous culture have made to society. She has also seen the inequities and racism that exist in our institutions. 

We acknowledge that the work of our campaign takes place on the Territory of the Treaty 6 First Nations and the homelands of the Métis people, a place where diverse Indigenous peoples have marked this territory for centuries, including the Cree, Dene, Saulteaux, Nakota Sioux, Blackfoot, as well as the Métis and the Inuit.

The campaign has consulted with Indigenous folks on this policy, and we hope to hear from more! 

We present these policy ideas with an open heart and with the hope that Cori will be able to work as your elected Councillor to make a difference in the lives of Indigenous Edmontonians. 

Celebrating Indigenous Culture and Fighting for Reconciliation

If elected, Cori will:

  • advocate that the City of Edmonton respect Indigenous people at every opportunity, this includes and goes beyond land acknowledgments, including acknowledgement of Treaty, support for the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 
  • be a vocal advocate to continue funding for the Edmonton Indigenous Peoples Festival 
  • work with the Indigenous community to identify a list of places in the city for renaming, either as an acknowledgement of Indigenous history or as an act of reconciliation, and acknowledge the histories of places in Edmonton that still carry important history, such as the Charles Camsell hospital site
  • continue to promote  trauma-informed anti-racist, Indigenous and intercultural training for city staff, as called for by End Poverty Edmonton, and mandate participation for Councillors
  • uphold and champion the continued implementation of the City of Edmonton Indigenous Framework
  • work with council and First Nations leaders to promote the urban reserve strategy
  • in concert with Cori’s LGBTQIA2S+ policy, advocate for supports for Two-Spirited people in Edmonton

Improving Quality of Life for Indigenous Edmontonians

If elected, Cori will work on:

Housing - urgently work towards ending houselessness with quality, affordable and supportive housing options 

Transit - work towards fare-free transit

Community Supports - direct more funding to care workers in our city, and champion work on the recommendations of the “Believe Us” report. 

Good jobs - promote the development of Indigenous recruitment strategies at all Edmonton public services and work with the Edmonton business community to promote Indigenous recruitment strategies

Local Businesses - work with Explore Edmonton on resources to promote Indigenous-owned businesses and provide support with the approvals and permitting processes 

Do you have ideas for improving Indigenous Equity in Edmonton? 

Please get in touch! [email protected]

If these Indigenous Edmonton Equity commitments are important to you, please join our team to help get Cori elected!