LGBTQIA2S+ equity

Cori has celebrated and volunteered at Pride events for the past 20 years, and is committed to listening and advocating for LGBTQIA2S+ equity as your city councillor, starting with:

  • Inclusive & Accessible Washrooms

    • Invest in all gender, barrier-free public washrooms, as called for in the "Believe Us" report (page 49)

    • Work with community leagues and non-profit organizations on a program to promote all gender washrooms in existing public spaces

  • Leading Inclusivity at City Hall

    • Add pronouns to Mayor and Councillor nameplates in Council Chambers

    • Have the option for speakers to provide pronouns when they register to speak

    • Review city documents and forms to ensure gender inclusive language

  • Supporting LGBTQIA2S+ Neighbours

    • Prioritize Permanent Housing: too many LGBTQIA2S+ individuals continue to be unhoused or in precarious housing situations

    • Good Jobs: LGBTQIA2S+ individuals are often underemployed due to systemic discrimination

    • Community Health and Safety: fund community and mental health supports needed by LGBTQIA2S+


More to come...