Team Agreements

All members of the Cori for Council campaign agree to these core commitments for how we work together:


1. As a team comprised almost entirely of volunteers, we are committed to having fun, working hard, and being inclusive and kind. This might sound hokey, but political campaigns need to embody the values they express, and Cori and the team are committed to this work!

2.     Our work together is driven by mutual respect. That means we are committed to an explicit culture of anti-harassment, anti-racism, and anti-discrimination. We know volunteers have a lot of choices for where they could spend their time, and we want this to be a nourishing, enjoyable, place to be, whether online or in-person. You can read our anti-harassment policy here.

3.     Campaigns work best when they are always growing! Constant growth means constant change, and that’s okay. We are committed to welcoming new people and to sharing information regularly with all members of our big and growing team. We are all committed to constantly recruiting more people to get involved in the campaign.