Good jobs

People in Ward Métis are worried about making ends meet and about the high unemployment rate in Edmonton. 

For the last 7 years, Cori has advocated for good jobs with family sustaining wages and benefits as Alberta’s regional representative at  the Canadian Labour Congress, an organization that fights for better and safer working conditions for Canadians.

As a former registered nurse, Cori knows that socio-economic status is the number one indicator to living a healthy life.

Our area of Edmonton needs a councillor that will stand up for good jobs. Cori has stood shoulder to shoulder with workers demanding we raise the floor for everyone.These are the values she’ll bring to City Hall.

As your councillor, Cori will stand up for jobs, including:

  • Hiring local

    Getting Edmontonians back to work is one of Cori’s key priorities. By collaborating with trades organizations, Cori will champion infrastructure projects that give Edmontonians access to good, local jobs. Community benefit agreements are one tool that we should be using more of, along with work to strengthen procurement practices within the city to prioritize local, within Edmonton’s existing trade obligations. 
  • Supporting living wage employers

    It's not good enough to flood the market with low wage, low benefit jobs. Edmonton must deliver jobs that lift folks out of poverty. Cori will work on a plan to promote local businesses that offer a living wage and offer good work conditions.
  • Fighting for affordable child care

    The pandemic has been tough on working moms and we’re seeing some of the highest unemployment rates in decades amongst women. Child care is the key to get women back into the workforce. Cori will work to ensure that purpose-built child care spaces are part of new builds, and be a champion for the sector. Additionally, Cori will advocate for a childcare system and work directly with the federal government to help make it happen while being vocal about the lack of provincial government support. 
  • Protecting and expanding public services

    Edmonton city council has been making cuts to our public services that hurt regular working families. Just this year, the Reimagine Project looked at privatizing transit, reducing firefighting services and contracting out recreation centres. These cuts result in diminished services, higher costs and the loss of good jobs.

Cori will stand up to protect the public services that Edmontonians rely on, while looking for options to expand these essential services.