Cori Longo for Ward Métis

Edmonton is a great place to live, but lately it seems life is getting harder here for regular families.

From provincial cuts that hurt our city, to a city council that doesn’t seem to get it, not to mention a pandemic, this has been a tough year for families like yours and mine.

At times like these, we need a councillor who doesn’t need a consultant to tell them what’s right, and who knows that support should go to families and communities, not well-off developers and big business. 

Because at the end of the day, we’re all hoping for the same things in our city: good jobs, neighbourhoods with lots to offer and where we feel safe, and services we can count on.

It’s pretty simple.

I’m ready to fight for the great mature neighbourhoods of Ward Métis—neighbourhoods that are the unsung heroes of our city.

Our pools and parks shouldn’t be on the chopping block every year so that we can give another tax break to the wealthy and well-connected. We shouldn’t have to delay needed upgrades to our neighbourhoods year after year to pay for more sprawl.

I’m Cori Longo. I’m a working mom, a community advocate, and a fighter who will show up for you every day as your councillor in Ward Métis.

Get involved in my campaign—for an Edmonton that works for all of us.


Meet Cori

Cori Longo and her family live in Alberta Ave in Ward Métis, Edmonton.


Cori Longo is a community advocate, a working mom, and a passionate believer in Edmonton.

Cori lives in Alberta Avenue, one of the many great neighbourhoods that make up Ward Métis, with her partner Michael and their two children.

Cori has been a frontline worker, both as a registered nurse and a postal worker, and is now an advocate for working families with the Canadian Labour Congress. Through the course of that work, Cori has seen too many families struggling in our city and is ready to be a voice for those families at City Hall.

Cori Longo will stand for good jobs, healthy neighbourhoods, and strong public services.