Climate change is real, urgent, and requires leaders who will treat it as a defining issue.

Cori believes that we can create good jobs, diversify our economy and address climate change. The City’s Community Energy Transition plan is a good start, but we need to ensure that we keep making progress.


As your councillor in Ward Métis, Cori will fight for:

  • Net zero emissions in Edmonton by 2035, in cooperation with EPCOR, Capital Power and other leaders in the sector
  • Regular, plain-language, transparent reporting on progress towards the targets in the Community Energy Transition Plan 
  • Public investments to make our River Valley and parks more accessible, cleaner and safer, including continuing to invest in planting trees. The River Valley system provides Edmontonians with an important connection to our shared environment
  • A more efficient city, with less sprawl and 15 minute neighbourhoods, in keeping with the City Plan
  • Better public transit, more active transportation options, and converting the City’s fleet to electric vehicles
  • A clean jobs agenda 
  • Expanded Home Energy Efficiency retrofit, Solar and EV charging infrastructure Incentives

Finally, Cori will not be afraid to stand up for climate action. We need voices that are unapologetic about the serious moment that we are in when it comes to the climate crisis, not just in Edmonton, but in our province, our country, and around the world.