Janis Irwin endorses Cori Longo in Ward Métis

Today Janis Irwin, MLA for Edmonton Highlands-Norwood, endorsed Cori Longo in Ward Métis.

Here's what Janis had to say about Cori:

"I have known Cori for a long time, and I trust that she shares my values. I trust that she won't forget that what matters most is standing up for our neighbours, and not just accepting the status quo at City Hall. I know that she will fight for immediate action on issues like housing, poverty, and climate action. 

“With the UCP in the Legislature, progressive voters in Ward Métis desperately need to unite behind someone who shares our values, to ensure that we don’t elect a conservative who will hurt our city and the services families rely on.

“Cori will show up for our community and will be unapologetic in fighting for better for us all. I can’t wait to get to work with her for a fairer, healthier, better Edmonton.”