Statement from Cori on "End the Lockdown" Protest

The idea that racialized people are feeling unsafe in our city today makes me angry. As I reflect on this week it's clear we have a lot of work to do in our city. In one week, the EPS has treated houseless folks as less than human in the middle of a deadly cold snap and people marched through our streets with torches.

To be clear, there was nothing respectful about what happened yesterday. People protesting public health measures chose to put others at risk to peddle disinformation - which is just as irresponsible.

But something else more disturbing took place. People known for anti-Islamic and anti-LGBTQ2s+ speech were given a platform to spread hate, complete with racist symbols like torches.

There is no room for hate in the capital city or anywhere else. All levels of government need to protect racialized people and law-abiding citizens from these types of intimidating, violent and hurtful tactics.